FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to most of the commonly asked questions here.
If you don't find an answer you seek, please Contact Us. Studio hours are M-Th 10am-8pm. We usually answer emails within 24 hours.


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What's the best way to schedule a meeting?

Contact our studio M-Th 10am-8pm and schedule a day and time which will be most convenient for you to visit. Meetings are always relaxed and informative!

What will we go over during our meeting?

You'll get a chance to meet with us, view sample wedding albums and wedding videos, and tell us all about your wedding day. We'll go over your wedding package details and answer any questions you may have.

Will I meet with an actual photographer/videographer?

Absolutely! We are all photographers and videographers here, so you'll be sure to meet with a knowledgeable and informative photographer who will be able to answer all your questions. No booking agents or middle men to deal with.

Is there any obligation to book if I schedule a meeting?

There is never any obligation to book. We always like to make sure we are a good fit with our clients, so meeting with us and talking about your wedding day is always the best first step.

Will you reserve my wedding date?

No problem! We'll reserve your wedding date for a full 72 hours beyond our initial meeting without a deposit. Take your time, ask questions, and shop around.

When should I schedule a meeting? When is the best time to book a photographer (how soon before my wedding)?

Once you have chosen your wedding date and you have a general idea of where your wedding will be held, it's time to schedule a meeting with us. Clients typically book us about a year in advance.

OK, I've visited your studio. Now what?

If everything clicks and you've decided we'll be your personal paparazzi for your wedding day, email or call us and let us know. We require a 50% deposit and a completed photography/videography service agreement to secure your date. If beyond 72 hours, please call or email to check date availability.

When is my balance due?

Any balances are due prior to or by the day of your wedding.


When should we schedule our engagement session?

You'll need to choose two dates for your engagement session; one for your session and one as a rain date. Choose your favorite season, month and location. Engagement sessions must be scheduled and completed at least 30-40 days prior to your wedding day.

What should we wear for our engagement session?

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Your engagement session will be your opportunity to get familiar with being in front of the camera and explore your comfort zones. Just be your selves and let your personalities shine through.

How long will the engagement session take?

Engagement session typically run 1-2 hours.

Where is a good place to take engagement photos?

This is probably one of the most asked questions with regard to engagement sessions. You may choose any local locations you wish (multiple locations are ok too) as long as your total session time doesn't exceed 2 hours. City walks, parks, quaint streets, bridges, canals, rivers, lake views, etc. make up just a few of the most requested settings. Decide what you like and we'll take it from there. We're always happy to suggest locations for really great photos, so don't hesitate to ask if your still not sure.


Custom Albums... What's the difference?

Custom albums are a unique way to present your photos. Our custom albums are custom designed and hand made to fit your style. No two are alike and as a result, your album will be uniquely yours.

What Custom Album sizes do you offer?

We offer Flush Mount 12x15", 12x12", 10x10", 8x8" and 5x5" album sizes and Traditional Mount 12x12", 10x10" and 5x7" album sizes

How can I order a Custom Album? What are the steps?

We've simplified your album order process to make things fun and interactive!
1. Schedule an album planning meeting.
2. At our meeting, choose which custom album (flush mount or traditional) fits your style as well as choose from the many design options we offer. You'll also receive an album planning kit to help choose images and matting options (matting for Traditional albums only)
3. Submit your image selections for album inclusion by scanning and emailing, or mail your original documents to our studio.
4. Once all your forms are submitted, your album will be entered in to our design queue.
Please note: Orders may not be canceled at this point.
5. When your album design is finished, you'll receive an email with your design proof - you must approve your design before we build your album.
6. Once approved, we'll make your uniquely designed pages and send them off to the binder.
7. Once your album comes back from the binder, we'll notify you that your album is ready to be picked up!

How long will my Custom Album take?

Custom albums are definitely not for the eager at heart, but if you are patient then custom albums are well worth the wait.
Custom albums can take quite some time to design, approve, build and ship and clients may order more than one album (parents' albums).
We do our very best to design, build and ship custom albums within 12 moths, but times will vary.
If you cannot wait, and you would like an album sooner, please choose one of our stock albums (slip and ship) instead.

What size prints (reproductions) do you offer?

We offer many print sizes; way too many to list. We encourage you to come to our studio to look over print options.
Of course, we offer traditional 2x3", 4x6", 5x7" 8x10", 11x14" and 16x20" print sizes.

Do you offer Canvases and Standouts?

Yes we do! We offer beautifully and artistically crafted Canvas and Standout style mounting for all the photos we take.


When will my images be ready?

We'll blog your photos a couple weeks after we take them. We don't notify clients when we blog photos so visit our blog regularly for updates. After about 60 days, all of your images will be ready to view and ready to proof! Please note: Image processing timelines will vary from time to time and are dependant upon our workload.

How can I proof my images?

When your images are ready, you'll receive an email with a unique link to your web-gallery which will allow you to view and share your images as well as purchase prints.

Is my web-gallery secure

Your web gallery will have a unique web address which will not be accessible unless you share that address. You can share your gallery by distributing your gallery link.
Web-gallery print orders are processed by our trusted and secure web-payment processor.

How long will my web gallery be available?

We host all web-galleries indefinitely. We usually remove them, at our discretion, after about a year or when traffic to your gallery drops off.


How long will my video take?

Our videography work is in line with out photography work. We work very hard to deliver wedding videos in about 60 days. This time will vary dependant upon our work load.

How long will my finished video be?

Your wedding video will be delivered on a full length DVD and will be feature length. It will contain all the footage captured plus your highlight clip.

What's a Highlight Clip?

A Highlight Clip is a mini-movie we create using segments taken from the footage we captured. Highlight Clips usually run the length of one song (about 4-8 minutes).
Please visit our Videography web page or our blog to see samples of our Highlight Clips.


How can I redeem my gift certificate?

Redeeming your gift certificate is easy. Simply present your certificate while at our studio or call us with your certificate redemption code!

If I order a gift certificate over the phone or on the web, when will my certificate arrive?

We will send you a printable certificate as soon as you place your order. Certificates by mail will arrive in about 7-10 business days.

Can I exchange my gift certificate for cash?

All gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and can only be used at our Christopher Alexandra Photography studio.